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Treasure of the country, the youth, are facing many problems, possibly due to rapidly changing physical and social values and these at time result to psychological-rearrangements. In addiction to geographical increasing various psychological disturbances, India, which was initially a transit country in drug trafficking, but in recent year it becomes a cause of concern as it has also become a big consuming country. The psychological illnesses and drug or alcohol use are however distributed to all social, demographic strata of society, but the most affected are the slums or areas where poverty, lack of awareness and illiteracy combine to emergence of many of the evils those plague Indian Society today, resulting in breaking families and spreading miseries to one and all associated persons.

Realizing that the problem could not be tackled by Government effort alone, and voluntary organizations will have to be involved in prevention work of these disorders, the “NIRVAN” was constituted in 1990. Before, a inception comprehensive survey of the surfers and their relatives so that a model could develop in accordance with their awareness and expectations; was performed by the present office bearer of the organization. Notably the founder members were well qualified and experienced in the field of drug abuse and psychiatrists working 4-5 year priors to the inception of the organization.

After the inception of in 1990, the organization was registered in Feb.1991 and thereafter the efforts were made for social or Governmental support, to give the shape to the ideas emerged from the survey. Due to lack of expected and required response the organization started to generate its own resources, and succeeded to establish a drug de-addiction center with ‘5’ beds minimal possible but sufficient infrastructure. In February 1991 addition to treatment and counseling provided by the office bearers, at times they had to perform paramedical work too with full ENTHUSIASM.

The morality, honesty, courage and labor kept on bringing the results and few government departments like Department of Narcotics, government of India, Madhya Nishedh Department, U.P. And non-government organizations like the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Rotary Club, Inner Wheel Club, Brahm Kumari Ishwariya Vishvidyalaya started giving moral as well as subjective support to the organization resulting in almost 4-5 years long struggle of the organization to prove its’ authenticity, honesty and dedication to the human cause as a SOCIAL – WELFARE ORGANISATION and successful cross of the barriers, which is well conspicuous in present time.

Is addiction running ur life ?

R U Feeling alone?
Has life become unmeaningful
Do you need HELP
You’ve come to the right place
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Understand and don’t judge & where HOPE & HEALING begins
Regain control over your life
and focus on what is most important.
Choose to lifelong recovery to live the life you truly deserve.
NIRVAN Rehab Centre
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