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Donate for Cancer Children‎ in Lucknow

Donate for Cancer Children‎ in Lucknow

Need your help—–
With all your blessings Nirvan is Running Balloons Home for mentally Challenged and Mentally Sick orphans  at
Suryacity near Indian Oil Petrol Pump Takrohi Indira Nagar Lucknow wherein we are
Would require help in the form of volunteer-ship, donations & things like  Duris, Carpets, Notebooks, Text Books, Stationary, uniforms, water purifier water cooler clothes shoes sleepers food grain Medicine etc

Looking forward to your support as always!!!

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Humanity soars to extreme heights within you every time you see a mentally retarded destitute who is unattended or struggling for life. Mentally Retarded persons irrespective of their age are basically children because of their low IQ. It is pity that you cannot do much for these strata even if you have the urge to do so – you cannot take them home because their management is of different nature and there is no government shelter home for such peoples. It is even miserable that there is no private agency keen to work on their front nor the Human Rights Commission extends any support.

In this pretext, our organization Nirvan Shelter Home is god-sent for such people. You can do something good for satisfying of your urge to help. We need your small meaningful contributions like sum of Rs. 10.00 and above to become the partner of ours. Whenever you feel to help you can visit Nirvan’s Balloons Orphanage and be a part of the noble task. Service to humanity is service to God as your standing with a reason always colors the life of unfortunates which is an extraordinary power.

It is an appeal to your human etiquettes to generously bless these MR Orphans by donating unused medicines, old clothes and footwear. There is no caste or creed or language or color seen in your help. Your help is the foremost priority for these MR Orphans as you are the god-sent guardians for these orphans and serenity service for this noble cause. This is your PSR (PERSONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY).
Donate for Children‎

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