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Mentally Challanged

Mentally Challenged Hospital in Lucknow

Mentally Challenged hospital in lucknow

From a difficult to manage life to a lifetime of period, honour and strength………

Best Mentally Challenged Hospital in Lucknow


Balloons is a stage-of-the-are residential cum day boarding school for the mentally challenged.We have an ultra modern set-up with all contemporary facilities, which are helpful in habit formation and making daily life manageable for these differently baled people.It requires a lot of patience and special skills to bring them at a level where they can take care of themselves and leads a socially compatible life.More often than not parents and other family members are unable to cape with the stress involved and rejoice the progress of their ward.We at BALLOONS strive to take away these worries and make life beautiful for the mentally challenged as well as their parents and family members.The toys used are strategically planned to make them learn fine and gross motor activities. Special puzzles and games are used to teach them other necessary things like Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, Color, Fruits and Animals.

Behavioural Problems and Disorders are managed to make their life self-manageable and constructive. Their problems are first identified and categorized. Then we focus on removal of negative activities, followed by directing to positive and constructive activities.

Life at BALLOONS is blessed with the caring smiles of teachers and the joy of providing a safe, secured and encouraging environment. BALLOONS is a special centre for special people with special needs…. extending care to weaker sections too.


Parents or Guardians of such wards are requested to kindly

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 Lt. Col. N Kumar                                                                      S S Dhapola (dr.s.s.dhapola@nirvanhospital.org)

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Surya City,Takrohi,
3 km away from Munshi Pulia
Indira Nagar – LUCKNOW.
Contact No- 9411107536

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