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Social Services

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PSR (personal social responsibility)

If U stand for a reason,
You have the power to do something extraordinary this year.
You have the power to save lives.
donate any unused medicines, used clothes and footwear for the mentally challenged orphans
Dear Sir
We have over fifty five such inmates with us of various age groups
and meet their all the daily requirements.
Since, these are either lost or abandoned by their respective families
for reasons best known to them;
they are being looked after by us with the help of
our conscious society members.

We hereby request you to kindly donate clothes shoes footwear unused medicine  to our centre
for these individuals without worrying about sizes or gender, that are not in use. We shall be highly grateful to you

With regards,
Balloons Home, Surya City,
Takrohi, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: 7379250002/9411107536


Dear sir
As you probably know, we at Nirvan are making an effort to improve the lives of people suffering from behaviour disorders and psychiatric problems. Many of these people who stay as indoor patients with us at our Lucknow Center are also in the trap of addiction to alcohol or illicit substances. As their caregivers, we feel it’s essential to teach them to use time productively and creatively. Books are one such medium.
We have a small library that caters to this need. We’ve found that patients not only find books a good companion when they are with us but also many of them regain their reading habits or make it a good discipline for their time ahead in the society.
So we request you to donate any books that you’d like, or can spare, to encourage our patients. Whether Hindi or English, and on any subject, we know from our experience with the patients that someone will read that book you provide us. If you wish to lend us a book for a temporary period, then we can arrange that and assure you its safe return.
It’s a good hobby to be a reader, but it’s manifold greater to enable others to read.
Please contact us on
09411107536 or nirvanindia@gmail.com



According to the type of addiction and its severity we medicate, de-toxificate and relieve the person from grip of drugs. We provide treatment for various psychiatric disorders. Our treatment includes providing therapies, counseling and meditation too. Every year big number of patients are treated at our various centres.


Along with the treatment we aim to make patient dependent so that they can earn on their own and look after their dependents especially in case of the youths. We help them to work out on their skills and capabilities to have the right path to go on for earning livelihood. Rehabilitation is emphasized especially for addicted and psychiatric patients to gain enough confidence in them so that after treatment they are not teased for anything by anybody in society and family.


We meet people from all over the state from all sections of society. This provides us the opportunity to spread the information related to drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Child Abuse & care and Women Empowerment to a distant place too. Besides this we also raise awareness on other illnesses by different acts such as lectures, seminars, skits and performances. The motto is to spread knowledge so that the pray cases to such issues can be reduced.


Training integrates learning and can be provided in different ways. We at our centres have library for learning and gaining knowledge. For Mentally Challenged Children require special care and learning programs, we train them by different methods viz playing, art, singing, dancing, learning classes, participation in various activities etc. Symbolic learning is more fruitful in case of such children. Learning while playing also yields good results. This bringing up of children helps them understand the things in better way.
We works for:

Women Empowerment

Poverty imposes an oppressive weight on India, especially in rural areas where almost three of four Indians and close to 80 percent of the Indian poor live. Despite decades of efforts at poverty alleviation, the absolute number of poor has doubled since Independence in 1947. India today has the largest number of poor people on the planet. India also has the greatest concentration of rural households that are totally landless.

Rural women in India feel the weight of poverty the most. Females are more likely than males to die as infants and children. More than six of ten women in India are illiterate—almost double the male rate. And, most significantly, Indian women rarely have legal rights to land, despite the fact that they are often more engaged in agriculture than men. When women have access and secure rights to land, they are better able to improve the lives of their families and themselves.

Unfortunately, women in many poor countries do not have access to land or lack secure property rights to the land they do possess. This dearth makes women even more vulnerable to poverty.

Land rights confer direct economic benefits as a source of income, status, nutrition, and collateral for credit. Access to agricultural land can mean higher household calories and consumption. However, women may not fully participate in these benefits as members of a household if they do not share formal rights to land.

How do women lose access and rights to land? Women can be excluded from the benefits of land rights formalization programs, and women are particularly vulnerable when the household breaks down—for example, in the event of male migration, HIV/AIDS, abandonment, divorce, or death

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